Wade and his wife Christy have been married for 22 years and have 3 children, Clara, Andrew and Olivia.

Wade is active in the Cassville United Methodist Church, is a member of Cassville Rotary Club, Industrial Development Assoc. and participates on a variety of civic boards.

Business Owner

Wade began his business, Dry Gulch Mfg, in 1995 at the age of 25.  In 2000 after their first daughter Clara was born, Wade and Christy moved the family "back home" to Cassville, MO.  A short time later Dry Gulch Mfg was relocated to Exeter, MO., where Wade continues engage in community and build the business.


"I feel the right commissioner can take the elected position beyond budgets, roads and bridges.  A dedicated commissioner should work with local organizations and businesses for the economic improvement of the county."
"The Barry County Commission has had a long tradition of getting things accomplished within its financial means.  I will work hard to honor that tradition."
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